Dredging & Excavation and Decommissioning
Decommissioning offshore is a controlled process performed to safely retire offshore facilities (topside & subsea) which are no longer needed. Dredging & Excavation can be a part of these solutions.

To avoid any risk to public health or the environment, present and future, the oil industry has been developing a standard decommissioning securities arrangement to improve several present solutions.

Decommissioning can generate a large amount of waste and debris which must be safely handled
and disposed.
Dredging & Excavation is prepared to find the best solutions by combining our Technical Experience with our already well proven equipment for removal or dredging/ excavation of any type of soils and debris.
Dredging & Excavation has a long established track record by operating in a wide range of environmental conditions and can provide an effective, competitive solution for the Decommissioning and maintenance of platforms and pipelines - with a special focus on the safety of all operations

Download our complete brochure here : Decommissioning (PDF) 18.7MB

Decommssioning brochure