T8000 Subsea Excavation System
This is the largest of our controlled flow excavation tools.

The T8000 system develops 600 horse power and can be deployed to a water depth of 300 metres.

The T8000 is suitable for any type of large scale excavations.

It produces water flow rates of up to 8000 litres per second and water jet speeds up to 8 metres per seconds.


The T8000 is one of a range of patented subsea excavation tools operated by Reef Subsea Limited. Our tools are currently the "state of the art” in mass flow technology, excavating with a high speed but low pressure column of water. Key advantages include:

  • Non-contact method of excavation providing high levels of safety for sensitive subsea structures and pipelines.
  • Excellent performance in wide variety of seabed materials, including stiff clay.
  • Straightforward deployment with minimal deck space requirements.
  • Speed and ease of mobilisation. Everything is designed to fit into 20’ containers and has been flown to several projects in the past.


The T8000 can be used for a wide variety of subsea excavation requirements, such as:

  • Pipeline, umbilical and cable trenching, pre-trenching or de-burial.
  • Pipeline free-span remediation.
  • De-burial of subsea templates, well-heads or jacket members, from seabed materials, mud
  • slides or drill cuttings.
  • Salvage of dropped equipment or vessels.
  • Removal of rock dump.
  • Site preparation for subsea installations
  • Civil excavation works, including harbour/berth clearance, channel maintenance and site preparation for sea defense works.

Excavation Method

The T8000 excavation tool generates a large volume column of water travelling vertically down to the seabed at a velocity of up to 10 meters per second. The effect of up to 8 cubic meters of water per second hitting the seabed at this speed creates a powerful excavation force capable of breaking up stiff clays.



T8000 (PDF)