Rotech Subsea

Rotech Subsea are one of the world’s leading companies in subsea excavation with dedicated bases in Aberdeen, Houston and Singapore.
Rotech’s non contact controlled flow excavation tools, designed by our in-house engineering team, use high powered water jets which allow for speed and accuracy with negligible risk of damage.
We have a core team of dedicated excavation experts to manage each individual project and health, safety, environmental and quality procedures are paramount to our team across the world

Typical Scanmudring / Rotech Services
• Pipeline and Cable Trenching
• Pipeline and Cable De-Burial
• Seabed Preparation
• Rock Armour Dispersal
• Freespan Rectification
• Seabed Clearance for installation of habitats & modules
• Harbour Maintenance • Various civil projects

More information regarding Scanmudring / Rotech equipment her:

Rotech Subsea Equipment

Rotech Subsea s a world leader in mass flow excavation.

Our in-house designed tools are accurate, powerful and controllable and can excavate a variety of seabed materials which would be impossible using other methods.

We have a team of competent personnel that can fully operate every tool and our operations team can find a solution to any excavation challenge.

Our equipment can be mobilised from bases in the USA (Houston), UK (Aberdeen), Mexico (Carmen), Singapore and Sharjah.

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