Precision subsea WROV powered excavator and tool-carrier system

The Scancrawler system is a tool-carrier for hydraulically operated tools. It has been
developed specifically for medium to heavy operations requiring high accuracy.
Typical tasks:

  • Subsea excavation
  • Rock dump and drillcut removal
  • Pipeline deburial
  • Relocation of seabed
  • Removal of grouting

The unit is interfaced, powered , and controlled by the Clients work-class ROV. Operation and maintenance is performed by the Clients ROV team in tandem with Scanmudring specialists.
All power and controls are transferred between the unit and the ROV by subsea mating.
The unit may be wet stored.
The systems may be operated from live platforms and vessels, and is designed for rapid mobilisation.
The Scancrawler combines advanced ROV technologies with the design of rugged land based construction machines.




Scancrawler (PDF)

Operating depth: 1000m depending on ROV
Relocation range: From 2.5 to 100m depending on ejector system interfaced
Max excavation depth: 2.5m (slope 1:1)
Soil excavation capacities: From very soft to very hard seabed
Removal capacities: Depending on ejector system fitted
Operational soil condition: From 6kPA - without use of customised tracks or additional bouncy.
Navigation: Using ROV navigation system in addition to
Scanmudring MoS (monitoring system)
Measurement: Monitor System accuracy +/-5cm at full arm reac