Subsea standalone ROV and Diver operated dredge system.

The Scandredge is a standalone sea bottom based tool for limited precision removal of:

  • Rock dump
  • Drillcutting
  • Seabed

The unit is supplied with either electrical or hydraulic power of the water pump. Operation is controlled by either ROV or dive crew and maintenance is performed by Scanmudring personnel.

The ejector system has been utilized in numerous projects with the Scanmaskin and Scandredge. This has proven reliable and efficient from the several thousands operating hours in rough seabed.

The Scandredge is arranged in a certified lifting frame designed for rapid mobilisation and easy operation in rough environments.

The Scandredge systems are available with a range of ejector sizes from 4” to 6 ", 8" to 10 and 12" to 14”.

Customised heavy duty Scandredge ROV manipulators* capable of handling from 8” to 14” ejectors are available on request for the ROV controlled/operated dredges. This manipulator is designed to replace the ROV’s original 5 function manipulator when operating the Scandredge suction nozzles. It uses the ROV hydraulic interfaces to control movement.

Scandredge Electrical powered Scandredge Hydraulic powered

Scandredge (PDF)


Operating depth [m]


110 (deeper on request)

Reach: [m]

11 to 22m at zero level
(1 or 2 x12m suction hoses)

10m at zero level

Relocation range: [m]






* See separate web site for specifications.