Scanmachine 04 a step further
Based on a decade of experience from manufacturing and operation of Scanmachine tool carriers

●Designed for operations to 2500m of water depth
●Multibeam sonar/ Acoustic camera
●Control system with Semi-automatic levelling function
●Flexible skid based tooling power pack
●Possible with twin ejector set up

Basis for the Scanmachines is high focus on:
● Safety
● High performance
● High precision
● Low break down rate
● Flexible tool configurations

●The working environment in control room is improved, securing better comfort and endurance for the crew

  • Improved integrated workshop and spare container
  • High focus on safety and working environment

The New and improved MoS system is based on a survey system from Reson
Possible to interface a large number of instruments predefined in MoS-system Multibeam Sonar (R2Sonic ‐ Sonic 2022) for acoustic camera and future survey purpose

Scanmachine(Scanmaskin) (PDF)

Photoshoot of Scanmachine 04, January 2012