Zero Accident Philosophy
No harm to assets is business-essential.

Dredging & Excavation believes in and supports the Zero Accident Philosophy.
Dredging & Excavation will achieve this through our individual employees safetyattitude and by using hazard recognitions as Risk Assessment and HAZOPevaluations, and by disseminate knowledge through familiarizations andtoolbox talks.
Dredging & Excavation focus on preventing and minimizing spread of hazardous andtoxic pollution.
No harm to assets is highlighted in our operational proceduresand a fitted monitoring system.

Dredging & Excavation Quality management system is certified according to

Dredging & ExcavationHealth and Safety management is certified according to
OHSAS 18001.

Dredging & Excavation Environmental management system is certified according to
ISO 14001.

Dredging & Excavation customizes our subsea machinery configurations, and performs efficient dredging and excavation.
We aim to be your preferred partner in bringing a seabed area back to Mother Nature, without compromising safety.